The horror, the horror

Colonia Dignidad, the secretive German settlement in southern Chile that became a detention and torture center during the Pinochet regime, is the subject of an excellent—if extremely painful to watch—documentary by Al Jazeera correspondent Lucia Newman.

“The Colony: Chile’s dark past uncovered” contains extensive interviews with survivors and opens with Newman’s own account of being shot at when she tried to visit the site years ago:

Earlier this month the Inter American Court of Human Rights ruled that the Chilean government had “excessively delayed”  an investigation into the imprisonment and torture of Leopoldo Garcia Lucero and ordered that he be awarded $32,000 in compensation.

The Guardian newspaper has published an essay by Garcia Lucero, who has lived in Britain since 1975.  He writes that “no amount of money will be able to compensate me and my family for our suffering. The torture and forced exile destroyed our lives. But I am satisfied that the ruling sets a precedent. I hope it serves as a reminder that this should never happen again, anywhere in the world.”