Chile and the Global Innovation Index

Guess which Latin American country leads the region in the Global Innovation Index (GII), an annual study by the World Intellectual Property Organization? The report, released earlier this month, ranked Chile in 39th place among all countries studies and was the only Latin American country in the top 40.  Here’s an excerpt:

Chile shows strengths across the board, with the notable exception of Human capital and research (75th), where it comes only in 6th position out of 22 in the region, a result in line with the crisis of tertiary education in the country that was highlighted in 2011.Deficiencies are particularly evident in primary and secondary education, where it ranks 78th in public expenditure per pupil over GDP per capita and 103rd in the pupil-teacher ratio. In the region, it tops the Input Sub-Index (43rd), the Output Sub-Index (34th), Institutions (29th) and Creative Outputs(18th).

In plainer English, Chile’s overall innovation score is good, but its education system needs a serious overhaul. Or, as a colleague in Santiago just posted on his Facebook page:

“Chile is not the Third World, says a jaded reporter I know.  It’s Third World Plus.”