Update on the Frei investigation


Judge Alejandro Madrid says he hopes to complete his investigation into the death of former president Eduardo Frei Montalva this year, wrapping up a few lines of inquiry that are still pending. His comments came after Frei’s son made a public call for justice on the 30th anniversary of his death (see earlier post: https://notesontheamericas.wordpress.com/category/eduardo-frei/).

Frei, a Christian Democrat who was president from 1964 to 1970, had been a public critic of the Pinochet regime and the circumstances of his death at one of Santiago’s best hospitals in 1982 make terrifying reading.The Centro de Investigacion Periodistica CIPER has the most complete archive on Frei’s death and the investigation: http://ciperchile.cl/wp-content/uploads/multimedia/montalva/dossier_frei.html