Illicit association

Asociacion Ilicita describes the activities of the Pinochet regime's security forces.

Asociacion Ilicita describes the activities of the Pinochet regime’s security forces.

It was the sort of incident you’d associate with the Pinochet years: intruders enter the home of an investigative journalist and steal his laptop, leaving other valuables untouched.  But this past Saturday that is what happened to Mauricio Weibel, a Chilean reporter for the German news agency Deutsche-Presse Agentur (DPA) and coauthor of a recent book on the military regime’s security apparatus, Asociacion Ilicita.

Weibel told the digital newspaper El Mostrador ( that thieves stole two laptops, one containing research for his work as a journalist.   “That same afternoon a man was discovered photographing my house and fled when family friends asked him to identify himself,” he said.  Chilean police visited the home, and Weibel had a conversation with Interior Minister Andres Chadwick, who assured him he would be protected. But then another robbery occurred: intruders entered the property and stole tools from Weibel’s patio.

And on the same day Weibel’s computers were stolen, intruders entered the home of another Chilean journalist, Javier Rebolledo, author of another book on the Pinochet regime’s security forces, La Danza de los Cuervos, and stole a computer disc. Reporters Without Borders has a piece on the case and other attempts to intimidate Chilean journalists:,43799.html.



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