The Pinochet documentary aftermath

Number of people attending the screening: about 1,200, according to carabinero police. About 900, according to Chilean photographer Kena Lorenzini, whose blog contains her photos of incidents at the screening.

Number of people protesting: “hundreds,” according to the New York Times, the Associated Press and other news sources.

Number of police at the scene: “more than 500 police in full riot gear,” according to Agence France Press

Number of arrests: 64

Number of injuries: 22, mostly police, according to Chilean authorities.

Number of foreigners invited to the screening:  at least 10, according to a list published by Chile’s satirical online magazine The Clinic


They include a member of Britain’s House of Lords, the rightwing French presidential candidate Marine LePen and from the United States, Miami-Dade County mayor Carlos Gimenez, Miami mayor Tomas Regalado, Senator Marco Rubio, Congressman Mario Diaz Balart, Florida state senate president Anitere Flores and Yasser Torres, president of the Juventud Anticastrista.

Number of aforementioned foreigners who attended: 0

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